• Proprietary polyphonic pitch drop
  • Drop tune up to 3½ steps in
    ½-step decrements
  • Full Octave Drop and Octaver
  • Latching EFFECT ON/OFF switch
  • Momentary DOWN and TOGGLE/UP switches
  • Bright backlit DROP PITCH, OCTAVE, OCTAVER, TOGGLE and EFFECT indicators
  • Rear panel TRIM LEVEL control with front panel LED level display
  • IN, OUT and power supply jacks (power supply included)
  • Rear panel USB port for software updates
  • Patent Pending
  • Rugged cast-metal chassis
  • Two-year limited warranty

Artist Endorsement
GUS G. Guitar player for Ozzy

"I actually recorded one full track on the new Ozzy album with it! I was amazed by how clean all notes sound together on the riffs!"

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Watch a demo video of The Morpheus DropTune in action!
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Droptune gives you instant polyphonic drop tuning in ½-step decrements up to 3½ steps — plus full Octave and Octaver.

Now you can go from one pitch for a particular song to a different pitch on the next without having to retune your guitar or owning two, three or more guitars for various step-down de-tunings. For example, play an E chord in standard tuning, then use this unique pedal to drop tune your guitar so the chord is changed to an Eb, D, Db, C, B, Bb or A. This lets guitarists get that heavy drop-tuned tone at different pitches without dealing with floppy string buzz, extra-heavy-gauge strings or expensive extra guitars. The same goes for foam-deadened acoustic guitars or electric violins. If your singer has a bad throat night, you can drop-tune your guitar to accommodate him without having to change neck position or retune. The Morpheus DROPTUNE™pedal also features effect-toggling so you can instantly toggle back and forth between the dropped pitch and the EFFECT OFF for a cool up/ down pitch-shift effect during solos or power chord rhythm patterns. In addition, the DROPTUNE pedal has Full Octave Drop and a great-sounding Octaver.

Don't mistake this for a mere pitch shift stompbox. The DROPTUNE uses proprietary polyphonic pitch drop algorithms that maintain perfect harmonic accuracy and tonally-correct overtones — you have to hear this pedal to believe how real it sounds! Not surprising considering the DROPTUNE has been developed by a team of guitar effects pros with over fifty years of experience at other companies where they created some of today's most famous pedals. With a cast metal chassis, solid positive feeling steel step switches and non-skid rubber feet, the DROPTUNE is solidly built for years of use and abuse. LED indicators are bright and easy to see. If you're ready for instant, hassle-free droptuning, listen to the demos on our website…or better yet, try out the DROPTUNE in person at your Morpheus dealer.

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GUITARISTS HAVE USED drop tunings for ages. Jimi Hendrix consistently tuned down a half step, to Ds, the Beatles tuned down a whole step to D on songs like "Yesterday" and "Paperback Writer," and Tony Iommi tuned down one and a half steps, to Cs. Modern bands like Slipknot and Mastodon have taken the practice to a new extreme, using a wide variety of drop tunings in their repertoires.

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Growing up in the early '90s my guitar heroes were Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Adam Jones (Tool) and Justin Broadrick (Godflesh), so it's no accident that I began experimenting with drop tuning early on. I've run the gamut when it comes to lower tuning, having owned an Ibanez 7-string and a 6-string baritone in the past. When I was asked to check out the Morpheus DropTune, I was excited but skeptical. After watching the company's NAMM demo my expectations were high. Questions, concerns, ideas began swirling in my brain. Could I finally put lighter gauge strings on my guitars and let the Morpheus DropTune do all the work?

This changes enerything| Review By: Anonymous User - from musicians friend

This pedal changes everything. You can now have the action of standard tuning with the heavy sounds of drop tuning. I love it. I'm always using harmonics and they ring loud and clear. The only thing I will say is that I notice i have to tap harder when I'm fret tapping. For those who say it robs tone: Not true. There is a slight notice, but when you put it in a live situation as I have, you won't notice. In fact i am surprised at how little tone it takes. I'm picky, and I barely notice it. Also, you guys do know that drop tuning with or without this pedal means you have to redo you're amp settings right? If you eq you're amp at standard tuning it will need it again if you drop down. For those who say there is lag time: I do not see this at all. I've played several Van Halen songs with this pedal dropped down 1/2 step and do not see this. I've also played several Sabbath songs to track and there is no lag time. For those who say it doesn't pick up all the harmonics and sounds: It does. There is a trim level on the back of this thing to adjust. The bottom line is many who are complaining about this may not be using good pickups or equipment. This pedal like every other pedal functions at its best when used with a quality guitar and amp. For my money, I love it. I can now carry one guitar and this pedal. I predict this will change a of of things in rock/metal.

Best investment| Review By: William Burgess - from musicians friend

Wow! This was the best thing I've ever bought.  It is worth every penny. The downside is that when you drop it...it takes some of your high end away so it sounds more bassy..I mean you can still tell it's a guitar sound but it's definietly more bassy. I used to always have like 3 guitars in 3 different tunings and when i would switch there would always be so much dead air because it just took a while to get the one guitar off and the other on.  This thing is an instant tune on the fly...if you love your one guitar and want it for every song then you definietly need one of these.

best pedal ever made| Review By: joerock - from musicians friend

this pedal is way cool it sounds much better then any RP pedal board sounds & any other down tuning pedals the germans finally got it right lol i use marshall amps always the british made marshalls perectly & the germans make great pedals & i use a gibson lespaul guitar with all this & man this pedal is so worth the money i love it so much im gonna buy the capo morpheus & use it with my basic set up.....my set up is ( marshall stack/gibson les paul/morpheus D-tuning/ slash wah/a digital tunner/) i use my marshall pedal to switch from clean to distortion-directly....

Exactly what I needed.| Review By: 505coyote - from musicians friend

I played this pedal in the store today, and was blown away - I put it on layaway right then and there. Even though it is a bit pricey, it costs considerably less than the EHX POG, and the ease of use is its best feature. I so a solo live looping act, and I bought this pedal primarily for its octaver function, which sounds absolutely great with an acoustic guitar -- I get extremely realistic bass tones out of it. I can't wait to have this thing paid off and use it at gigs. A+